6 Dog Products Your Two- and Four-Legged Kids Will Love

There's no doubt your kid loves your dog, but how about taking care of them? Here are some fun new ways to match up fun and responisibility.

By | Posted: September 9, 2014, 2 p.m. PST

Dogs and kids go together like whipped cream and pumpkin pie. With school starting, though, your child will get busy with school things and may forget about his furry best friend. Since dogs are happiest and healthiest when they get plenty of exercise and attention, here are our top picks for products that will bring your dog and kid together, regardless of busy schedules.

1. Scribble Pooch

Scribble Band™ LLC has a new product out – a rewritable dog tag that turns your dog into a message board. It’s a cute way to remind your child to "Walk Me,” "Play With Me,” "Feed Me,” "Do Your Homework,” or "Soccer Practice at 4.” This way, the dog gets to be involved with the back to school rush. (Scribbleband)


Scribble Pooch


2. Star Trek Uniform Bowl

It might be easier to get your kids to feed the dog if he ate out of one of these cool licensed Star Trek® bowls by Crowded Coop. They also make toys, leashes, bed, and costumes for you trekkies. ($12.99, ThinkGeek)


Treckie Dog



3. Disney® Princess Dog Leash

What little girl wouldn’t want to walk her dog if they had a princess leash? This cute leash features all the classic princesses and is made by Baxter Boo who also makes a matching collar. ($22.50, BaxterBoo)


Princess Leash



4. Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon

Having a hard time getting your child to go out and play fetch? What if they could shoot the ball out a nerf-type launcher? Yeah, we think so too. Most kids will have a blast with this toy. Just remind them to not shoot the tennis balls at each other! (Starting at $28.99, Amazon)





5. Barbie Potty Training Taffy Barbie Doll and Pet

Mattel has taken Barbie to more practical level, the doll is showing off how to be a responsible dog owner. The set comes with a dog walking Barbie complete with poop scooper, dog, dog food and of course poop to scoop! ($16.99, Amazon)


Dog Barbie


6. Funagle Board Game

Darf Inc. makes some of the best dog products out there to get your kid to play with your dog. In Funagle, you have a minute to "finagle” your dog into doing a certain behavior. This is a perfect game for those stormy fall days where going outside is not an option.  ($29.95, Amazon)


Dog Game Funagle


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