Dogs In Review January 2006 Table of Contents

January 1, 2006




January 2006 Dogs In Review

January 2006

Page 21

Thank You to the 2005 Dogs In Review Winkies® for Annual Achievement Nominating Committee


Page 38

How to Organize a Dog Show, Part XX

Members showing at their own show.

By Betty-Anne Stenmark

Page 48

The Other Side of the Fence: Health Initiatives


By Karen Steinrock

Page 78

Junior Showmanship: Getting Started 

By Kate Eldredge

Page 96

Analysis: Sporting Breeds


By Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D.

Page 99

The Dogs In Review Annual Sporting Group Feature


Page 102

The Judges Talk About the Sporting Group


Page 124

The Breeder/Judges Talk About English Springer Spaniels

Page 148

The Performance Springer

By Lynn Winchester

Page 152

Health Buzz on English Springer Spaniels

By Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Page 154

English Springer Spaniel Breeder Questions & Responses

Page 164

English Springer Spaniel Record Holders

Page 172

Controlling the Pack

Putting Cesar Millan's methods to the test.

By Rachel J. Amado

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6 | Opening Space: We Are the "Animal Rights" People
by Bo Bengtson More>>

10 | Annie on... My Life with Sporting Dogs
by Anne Rogers Clark

26 | Success in Show Dogs: Can Short Drift in Group Competition Be a Blessing?
by Richard G. Beauchamp

54 | O Canada: From the East by Clive Davies... From the West by Dawne Deeley

70 | Health Matters: Mixing and Matching. The Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Supplements
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM 

82 | World in Review: Australia, South Africa, Europe

92 | The British Connection: Animal Welfare Laws, Champion Rules, International Winners from Australia, America and All Over
By Simon Parsons

170 | AKC News

182 | Show Scene: AKC Best in Show winners in November 2005
by Paula Pascoe

192 | Breed Notes & Show Dates for November

199 | Rates and Deadlines

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