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August 21, 2013




August 2013 DIR

August 2013

Page 34

Juniors: The Future of Our Sport

By Laurie Doumaux

Page 46

AKC Judging Task Force

Page 46

Russia and the Global Dog Fancy

In light of Russia’s offensive treatment of homosexuals, we at Dogs in Review feel it would be inappropriate to feature Russia in our November International Issue. Read More>>
By Allan Reznik, Editor-in-Chief

Page 54

Health Clearances: Essential or Irrelevant?

By Susi Szeremy

Page 78

The Top Contenders for the 2013 Showdogs of the Year Awards

Page 142

Celebrating Owner-Handlers Through the Decades

By Allan Reznik

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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik More>>

10 | How I See It: Could the AKC Play Moneyball?
by Gretchen Bernardi

30 | A Fancier's Notebook: Where Are All the Teachers?
by Susi Szeremy

38 | Bark Back/Letters

42 |

64 | National Specialty Reports
by Paula Pascoe

86 | World in Review: Finland, Slovakia, Canada, Estonia
by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

125 | O Canada: The Decline of Purebred Dogs
by Will Alexander

148 | Show Scene: Late June to Late July 2013
by Paula Pascoe

158 | Rates and Deadlines

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