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October 23, 2013




October 2013 Dogs in Review

October 2013

Page 34

Chairman's Report

Changing the future.
By Alan Kalter

Page 42

The Top Contenders for the 2013 Showdogs of the Year awards

Page 78

The Nominees for the 2013 Winkies for Annual Achievement

Page 90

Inside the Minds of Vincent and Cathy Grosso, Kennel Club of Palm Springs

2012 Winkie Award Winner for Show of the Year.
By Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

Page 94

How Good Are Our Breeds Today ... Really?

Successful breeders discuss why breeds may decline, rise or otherwise change over the course of time. Read More>>
By Gretchen Bernardi

Page 100

Book Review: Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology

By Allan Reznik

Page 106

Vets vs. Breeders: Partners or Enemies?

It'sa n age-old clash that's worsening, say experts from both sides of the fence. Read More>>
By Karen Steinrock

Page 112

The Breeder's Showcase at Santa Barbara

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Breeder’s Showcase, the fourth Foreign-Bred Competition, the second Bullyganza and the first Sighthound Spectacular at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show. Read More>>
By Connie Clark

Page 118

Making it Better

Mount Rainier and Take The Lead Team Up with Timberland Valley.
By Dan Nechemias

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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik More>>

10 | Success in Showdogs: The Thrill of it All
by Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

14 |

30 | A Fancier's Notebook: Where Are All the Teachers? Part Two 
by Susi Szeremy

38 | O Canada: Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry KC, and Defining Type
by Will Alexander

86 | World in Review: Argentina, Finland, Switzerland
by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Thom Nesbitt

148 | Show Scene: Late August to Late September 2013
by Paula Pascoe

148 | National Specialty Reports
by Paula Pascoe

122 | Barkback/Letters

126 | Rates and Deadlines

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