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July 2014 Dogs in Review

July 2014

Page 66

Bucks and Trenton 2104

Somewhere over the rainbow.
By Dan Sayers

Page 98

Icons of the Past

Master Breeders Whose Legacies Live On: The Hound Group.
By Dan Sayers

Page 108

The Hound Classic

Exhibitors find gold in Silverado each ear at the Western Hound Association of Southern California.
By Linda Souza

Page 112

The American Whippet Club National Specialty

By Bo Bengtson

Page 116

The 8th Afghan Hound World Congress in Italy

By Cinzia C. Aymaretti & Roberto Bongiovanni


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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik More>>

10 | Old School and Prout of It: Keeping Ourselves Honest as Breeders
by Kathy Lorentzen

30 | A Fancier's Notebook: Bad Behavior Goes Viral More>>
by Susi Szeremy

32 | Between the Lines: Kennel Review and Richard G. Beauchamp
by Bo Bengtson

38 | How I See It: Irish Wolfhounds on Their Big Day More>>
by Gretchen Bernardi

50 | O Canada: Reserve BIS: First Loser or Valid Award?
by Will Alexander

54 | World in Review: Italy, Luxembourg, Finland
by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Gabor Szalanczi

114 |

112 | You Said It: Encouraging Future Breeders More>>
by Stephanie Hunt-Crowley

120 | Show Scene: Late April to Mid-May 2014
by Paula Pascoe

124 | National Specialty Reports
by Paula Pascoe

126 | Rates and Deadlines

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