Quiz: The Hound Group

How well do you know your hounds?

By Allan Reznik | June 19, 2013

Bloodhound Dog



So you think you know your hounds? Test your knowledge of the great Hound breeders of our time by matching the kennel name (first column) with the breeder's name (second column) and the breed (third column). Breeds may be used more than once.

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Kennel Name

Breeder's Name


1. Holly Hill

2. Margem Hills

3. The Rectory

4. Pine Paddocks

5. Stoney Meadows

6. Rudels

7. Shanid

8. Wy East

9. von Westphalen

10. Loral

11. Killybracken

12. Hazira

13. Skye Top

14. Cambria

15. Beltara

16. Lyn-Mar Acres

17. Dalmahoy

18. Rose Farm

19. Kings Creek

20. Canem-Dei

A. Paul & Frida Pilat

B. Dorothy Hutchinson

C. Albert & Shirley Dodge

D. Mimi Carlyle

E. John & Marg Patterson

F. Mrs. C. Groverman Ellis

G. Ned & Sue Kauffman

H. Mrs. H. Potter Wear

I. Bob Mankey

J. Rita Laventhall Sacks

K. Esther Bliss Knapp

L. Drs. Rudolf & Elsie Neustadt

M. Jim & Kathy Corbett

N. Michele Billings

O. Lorraine Groshans

P. Peggy Westphal

Q. Keith Allan

R. Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Smith

S. Rev. & Mrs. George Sinkinson

T. Mrs. M. Lynwood Walton

a. Saluki

b. Irish Wolfhound

c. Dachshund

d. Bloodhound

e. Scottish Deerhound

f. Otterhound

g. Afghan Hound

h. Borzoi

i. Whippet

j. Basset Hound

k. Black & Tan Coonhound

l. American Foxhound

m. Pharaoh Hound

n. Basenji

o. Greyhound

p. Beagle


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1. Holly Hill / G. Ned & Sue Kauffman / g. Afghan Hound

2. Margem Hills / E. John & Marg Patterson / j. Basset Hound

3. The Rectory / S. Rev. & Mrs. George Sinkinson / d. Bloodhound

4. Pine Paddocks / K. Esther Bliss Knapp / a. Saluki

5. Stoney Meadows / H. Mrs. H. Potter Wear / i. Whippet

6. Rudels / L. Drs. Rudolf & Elsie Neustadt / o. Greyhound

7. Shanid / A. Paul & Frida Pilat / b. Irish Wolfhound

8. Wy East / M. Jim & Kathy Corbett  / k. Black & Tan Coonhound

9. von Westphalen / P. Peggy Westphal / c. Dachshund

10. Loral / O. Lorraine Groshans / h. Borzoi

11. Killybracken / F. Mrs. C. Groverman Ellis / b. Irish Wolfhound

12. Hazira / R. Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Smith / l. American Foxhound

13. Skye Top / C. Albert & Shirley Dodge / f. Otterhound

14. Cambria / I. Bob Mankey / n. Basenji

15. Beltara / J. Rita Laventhall Sacks / m. Pharaoh Hound

16. Lyn-Mar Acres/ T. Mrs. M. Lynwood Walton / j. Basset Hound

17. Dalmahoy  / Q. Keith Allan / e. Scottish Deerhound

18. Rose Farm / B. Dorothy Hutchinson /c. Dachshund

19. Kings Creek / N. Michele Billings / p. Beagle

20. Canem-Dei / D. Mimi Carlyle / a. Saluki


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