Dutch Shepherd

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Holland
AKC Group:Rare
UKC Group:Herding
Life Span:10 to 12 years
Color:All three varieties come in blue and various shades of brindle including gray, yellow, silver and red
Coat:Short coat: hard coat, not too short, with a wooly undercoat. Long coat: long, straight close lying coat harsh to the touch, without curls or waves, with a wooly undercoat. Rough coat: a thick, rough, harsh, tousled coat with a dense, wooly undercoat.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:Between 23 and 25 inches
Weight:Approximately 66 pounds

The three varieties of the Dutch Shepherd have been recognized in their present form since the early 1700s but didn't gain notice until they were brought to Holland in 1870. The breed was popular for its herding abilities but lost ground when flocks dwindled and demand for the German Shepherd Dog soared. The Dutch Shepherd varieties are medium-sized, powerful dogs, standing between 23 and 25 inches at the shoulder and weighing about 66 pounds. The Shorthaired Shepherd has a short, dense coat; the Longhaired Shepherd has a long, straight coat that is flat and harsh, with shorter hair on the face and the front of the legs; and the Roughhaired Shepherd has a medium-length coat that is thick and wiry, with a dense, woolly undercoat. All three varieties come in blue and various shades of brindle including gray, yellow, silver and red. The breed is affectionate, obedient, faithful and reliable, making it a popular dog for guard work.


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