English Springer Spaniel

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:England
AKC Group:Sporting Group
UKC Group:Gun Dog
Use today:Bird dog, retrieving trials
Life Span:10 to 15 years
Color:Liver and white, black and white, tri-color with tan markings, blue or liver roan.
Coat:Silky, glossy coat. Flat or slightly wavy, with long feathering on the ears, legs, underbody and under the tail.
Grooming:Brush daily. Groom as needed.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:19 to 20 inches at the shoulder
Weight:40 to 50 pounds

Springers are so named because they were used to spring game for the sportsman's net. Largest of the land spaniels, the English Springer is a sturdy, active, balanced sporting breed. Males measure 19 to 21 inches at the shoulder, females 1 inch less. The flat or wavy coat protects against harsh working conditions and may be liver or black and white; tricolor; or roan in blue or liver. Fanciers claim the coat is self-cleaning, but frequent and thorough brushing is needed to keep it lying close and free of dead hair. Some hand trimming is also required on head, throat and around feet to neaten the outline. Like all breeds with long, close-lying ears, the Springer's should be checked regularly. They are susceptible to injury, can pick up foreign bodies easily, and if not kept clean can become the focus of stubborn infections. An able field dog, the Springer enjoys life as a family pet and companion. It has a high activity level and needs a healthy dose of daily exercise. This breed is eager to please, willing to obey and quick to learn.


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