Holistic Therapies for Canine Hip Dysplasia

Many remedies are available to help treat a dog's symptoms by reducing swelling and minimizing pain.


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Senior dogTherapy #4: Flower Essences

Based on the philosophy that diseases result when the soul and mind are in disharmony, flower essences were developed in the early 1900s by British physician Dr. Edward Bach. Bachs theory was that the disease process begins within a person (or animal) as a mental/emotional defect and surfaces with disease symptoms. The flower essences were developed by Bach to treat the patients mental and emotional state.           

 Today there are many manufacturers of flower essences (some with more quality control than others),but the principles remain the same: Flower essences are potentized (diluted and shaken) medicines made from extractions of fresh flowers collected in pristine habitats. They come in liquid formand can be added to a pets water (in a bowl) or given orally (directly to a pet). The exact mechanics of how the essences actually alter or improve a patients mental/emotional state is not known, and there are no scientific studies documenting the effectiveness of flower remedies. Most evidence has come from case studies. The clinical results of flower essence use has been positive enough that many holistic veterinarians recommend this approach to their patients.

For dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, one flower essence that is commonly recommended is Rescue Remedy. This combination of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rockrose, and star-of-Bethlehem flower essences is frequently used to comfort, calm, and reassure distressed animals. Hornbeam might be used if a dog is unresponsive, whereas mustard might be prescribed if he is sad or depressed. Willow or beech might help correct a bad mood.

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Reprinted from The Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care for Dogs: Hip Dysplasia © 1999. Permission granted by BowTie Press.

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