Healing Dogs Through Homeopathy

Learn how the simple concept behind this 200-year-old practice can help your dog.


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Remedy Roundup
Only experienced homeopaths should treat chronic conditions, which have built up in the body over time. But beginners can use homeopathy as first-aid, with the worst result likely being no result at all.

Remember not to give a homeopathic remedy with solid food. Crush the pellets with the back of a spoon or pill crusher, being careful not to contaminate the remedy by touching it. Remedies can also be dissolved in water or milk before being administered.

Homeopathic remedies are available at most health-food stores, as well as online at websites such as Homeopathy Overnight or Homeopathy Works.

Some common homeopathic remedies to have on hand for emergencies include:

1) Apis mellifica: Derived from the venom of a honeybee, this remedy is traditionally used for allergic reactions, insect bites, and hives.

2) Arnica montana: Arnica has probably converted more people to homeopathy than any other. Used for soft-tissue injuries, this remedy is ideal for sprains, bruises, or stiffness after a day on the agility course. Because it helps move old blood and fluids away from areas of trauma, Arnica can be administered after surgery to speed healing.

3) Nux vomica: This remedy often comes to mind for digestive problems, including vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, and food poisoning.

4) Hypericum perforatum: Usually the first choice for any kind of nerve pain or damage, from a pulled tooth to an injured back.

Deciphering Doses
Homeopathic remedies are most commonly available as sugar pellets packaged in plastic vials. Because the higher the dilution, the more potent the remedy, remedies labeled 6X are the lowest, and safest, dose. In 6X remedies, the 6 refers to the number of times the remedy has been diluted, and the Roman numeral X reflects the proportions used to make the remedy one part substance, nine parts dilutent.

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