Natural Dog Prevention

How supplements, nutrition, and natural preventives contribute to your dog’s well-being.

Nine Ways to Prevent Canine Cancer

Discover preventive strategies to help guard your dog against cancer.

Natural Dog Food No-Nos

Learn about the 10 most common chemical ingredients a natural dog food shouldn’t have.

Safe Garlic Supplements for Dogs

Learn how this natural supplement can cure your dog's ailments.

Establishing a Healthcare Regimen for Your Dog

Should you choose holistic care, conventional care or both?

Feed Your Dog Raw Safely

If you decide to go the raw route for your dog's diet, remember: Safety first!


Healthy Dog Treats

You don't have to forego treats to keep your dog healthy and prevent obesity.

Prevent Dog Obesity Naturally

Take a holistic approach to battle your canine companion's weighty problem.

The Facts About Rearing Dogs Holistically

When it comes to breeding and puppy care, separate holistic facts from fiction.

Vitamin C and Holistic Medicine

Among other health benefits, vitamin C improves the health of your dog's skin.

What Are Supplements?

The holistic health approach shares many aspects of traditional medicine.


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