Natural Dog Care

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The Perfect Complement for Dog Health

A combination of traditional medicine and holistic practices can treat a variety of canine ailments.

Essential Chinese Herbs for Canine Anxiety

Learn which Chinese herbs are essential to ease your dog’s anxiety.

Test Your Wild Dog Food I.Q.

Challenge yourself with a quiz about wild diets and domestic dogs.

Training the Whole Dog

Our expert reveals how holistic training gets to the root of a problem behavior.

Miracle Worker

To holistic vet Marty Goldstein, no dog is a lost cause.


Herbs that Are Frequently Used as Substitutes for Conventional Drugs

Natural supplements to cure your dog's ailments.

Physical Therapy for Dogs

What you can expect.

Locate a Dog Practitioner

Find a physical therapist for your dog.

Options for Arthritic Dogs

If your dog suffers from arthritis despite traditional therapies, consider the following:

De-Stress Your Traveling Dog Holistically

All-natural remedies to calm your dog while on the road.


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