Natural Dog Care

How to Find a Holistic Dog Vet

Learn where to look for a qualified holistic dog veterinarian.

Healing Dogs Through Homeopathy

Learn how the simple concept behind this 200-year-old practice can help your dog.

Feed Your Dog Raw Safely

If you decide to go the raw route for your dog's diet, remember: Safety first!

Healthy Dog Treats

You don't have to forego treats to keep your dog healthy and prevent obesity.

Heal Your Allergic Dog the Natural Way

Six tips to a happier, healthier, itch-free dog.


Holistic Liver Treatments

Natural treatments ensure liver health for your dog.

Holistic Vet Works Miracles

To holistic vet Marty Goldstein, no dog is a lost cause.

Natural Aids for Motion Sickness

Try a natural approach to preventing and treating your dog's motion sickness.

Natural Dog Success Story: Corrosive Cure

Black salve attacks terrier’s oral cancer.

Natural Dog Success Story: Flowing Chi

Doberman takes advantage of two natural treatments.


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