Dog Walking For Dollars

Get out this summer and earn some spending money with the best summer job around.


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Try to get an idea of what the walk will be like from the owner. It is no guarantee that the walk will go the way the owner describes, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. Lastly, ask the owner to leave your fee somewhere in the house so that once you have completed your job, you can be paid right away.

The Pick Up
Arrive on time to walk the dog (as tempting as it might be, don't bring your own dog). If you are half an hour late, you may find a puddle on the floor. You may find a puddle on the floor anyway, but its important to be prompt. If you do find a puddle on the floor or a pillow that's been chewed apart, clean it up. The dog owner doesn't want to come home to a mess. Even though it isn't your fault, the dog owner will be grateful for your efforts.

Hopefully, the leash and poop bags will be where the owner said, and you can head out on your walk (don't forget the house key!). If you commit to walking the dog for a half hour, you should spend the whole time with him. If the dog doesn't want to walk for a half hour, come home and play, snuggle and pet him. Be sure to stay with him for the entire 30 minutes.


The Drop Off
Before you leave the clients house, make sure the house and the dog are as you found them. Does the pet have a safe area to be? Is his water bowl filled, and does he have a toy to play with?

Once everything is squared away, pick up the money that the owner has left for you, and leave a note (bring a pen and paper in case there aren't any). Notes aren't necessary, but they add an extra touch that the owner will appreciate. If the money is gone, the owner will know that you have been there, but a note makes them feel his or her best friend was in good hands!

In your note, include interesting things that happened during the walk or any problems that you encountered. You could write something like: Toby had a great walk today! Thanks again, Josie.

Tell the dog goodbye, and be sure to lock the house and return the key to its hiding place. Then, you have the rest of the day to yourself! Just make sure that your new job doesn't affect your No. 1 chore at home: walking your own dog!

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Klaire   Ozark, MO

5/21/2007 2:54:23 PM

Another helpful article, especially for kids who need a summer job!

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