Poodle, Miniature

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Germany
AKC Group:Non-Sporting Group
Use today:Companion
Life Span:10 to 13 years
Color:Any solid color.
Coat:A dense, harsh texture.
Grooming:Brush daily. Professional grooming is recommended. Can be clipped short for eary maintenance.
Size:Small Dog Breed
Height:10 to 15 inches at the shoulder
Weight:Proportionate to height

Created in response to popular demand, the mid-size Poodle, or Miniature, is probably the best known and most popular of the three sizes. The Miniature Poodle belongs to a family of dogs renowned for their prowess as water retrievers. The distinctive trim was originally devised to lighten the weight of the dog's coat when swimming and to protect joints and vital organs from the cold. The breed name comes from the German word puddeln, which means "to splash in water." Today the two acceptable show clips, the continental and the English saddle, are highly stylized versions of the original protective trims. Be prepared to spend lots of time or money on grooming, unless you plan to keep your Poodle in a short clip. Extremely versatile, the Poodle was a favorite circus performer, easy to train and full of fun, traits that make it a great playmate for children. In addition, its keen scenting ability often found the Poodle working during the winter months searching out truffles, a delectable subterranean fungus. The coat, colors, care and general conformation of the Miniature are identical to those of the Standard, but this mid-size dog measures 15 inches or under at the shoulder. For this reason the breed is an ideal size for city living, and its charming manners make it an ever-welcome family member. Bright, intelligent and anxious to please, the Poodle enjoys obedience training. (Editor's Note: According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, parti-colored Poodles will be disqualified from the AKC show ring. However, they may be shown at United Kennel Club conformation events.)


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