Small Munsterlander

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Britain
AKC Group:Rare
Color:Liver-and-white coat, with some ticking.
Coat:Sleek, moderate in length and feathered.
Grooming:Brushing once or twice a week will keep it looking good.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:Stands 19 to 22 inches
Weight:About 33 pounds.

Popular throughout England and Germany, the Small Munsterlander is an all-purpose pointing and retrieving gun dog that performs well in field trials and obedience, thanks to its soft nature and eager-to-please attitude. The Small Munsterlander is a happy dog that is people-oriented, voicing its displeasure when left alone and "talking" enthusiastically when family members return. As with all hunting dogs, Munsterlanders need plenty of exercise. If walked enough, they can enjoy indoor or city life. They are good with children and other dogs. They weigh about 33 pounds and stand 19 to 22 inches. The liver-and-white coat, with some ticking, is sleek, moderate in length and feathered. Brushing once or twice a week will keep it looking good.


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