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~ Chewie loves Khia ~

~ Chewie loves Khia ~ ABOUT ME CHECK OUT THE PICTURES OF ME AND MAYA WITH CHIEF! HE'S A NORTHERN CHEYENNE INDIAN WHO LIVES ON THE RESERVATION IN MONTANA! ~~~~ Day 11 Now, For the topic I promised you..... ~~ The BEST Dog Movies You May Not Be Watching ~~ Today, we're gonna take a look at " The Retrievers " starring Robert Hays, Mel Harris and the incomparable Betty White makes an appearance for your viewing pleasure! Soon after the Lowry family leaves the big city for small town life they are "adopted" by a very clever, yet lovable,stray Golden Retriever......Pilot. Soon they discover Pilot is pregnant! They grow very close to the puppies but know they must give them away after they are weaned. Pilot, however, is determined to get her puppies's an adventure that shows them what it really means to be a family. At least one really sad scene that most likely will bring tears to your eyes. Mommy and I enjoyed the movie and we think you will, too. We sure do appreciate all the loyal and good friends we have made here on DC. We are also so very happy that we are adding to our group of friends every day! Hugs, Chewie and Maya

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