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~* Star *~ Okay, let me try this again! sorry it is so late, we went on a one day vacation and when I say a day trip I mean a 23 hour one, lol. Well, my dad, you see survived 4 serious heart-attacks whenever I was five. The doctors kept misdiagnosing him and shooting him up with morphine and back home again. Series of four times that day. He kept having bad pains and throwing up. It was horrible. Well the fourth time, which was in the middle of the night they were going to do the same thing and my mom, who studied to be a nurse when she was in the Army was like, look at the heart monitor he is having a heart-attack. A little light bulb went into these numbskulls and were like oh yeah, he is! emergency life-flight to Pittsburgh. Well by the time my mom got down there, which is an hour away, he was out of open heart surgery. See my dad had a high pain tolerance. During his first heart attack he was at work and he scared his co-workers which the boss sent him home against my dad's will. Anyway, when she got down there the doctors told her he had a series of 4 and had she not noticed and got him there then, he would have died. They all said with those extensive series of attacks, it was a miracle he didn't have ANY damage and in a month he was back to work. They had the option to sue...but declined.Then November '10 he got sick. He couldn't breathe and you could hear it the rasping. It was painful to hear. He always felt sick and he went to the doctor. She yelled at him for smoking and told him he had a cold, giving him anti-biotics and cough meds. Well, it got worse. December '10 he went back and she yelled at him once again about the smoking and gave him a stronger dose. Then came January '11. He started the coughing up blood. He called the doctor right away and TOLD her about it. Arrogantly she told him he was crazy that it was mucus and then ordered STRONGER meds. He finally went really ill in the hospital on March 1st '11. The doctors confirmed it, he had stage 4 lung cancer and the doctor gave him a week without treatment and a month with treatment. He stopped smoking that day for the rest of his life. He had another wonderful miracle and did a 100% turnaround with Chemo. The doctor said not in all of his years of practice he see anyone with that far along lung cancer be in remission after only 3 months. The Chemo never once made him lose his hair or make him sick. He was given the summer off and unfortunately by September came, he was back to stage 4 cancer with the same week result. He had to go on a stronger chemo. The doctor said the odds were against him.

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