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~* Star *~ He never gave up hope. This time the chemo made him sick and lose his hair. Winter came and he got worse. He kept getting the pneumonia back and it wouldn't go away. He couldn't breathe again and was on oxygen all the time, worse than he ever was.He got pneumonia from choking on food or water. We all had one last great Christmas with him and he was so happy. He fell back into the hospital on New Years Day '12 and lasted 21 days before God called him home. Now my mom is given the option to sue the doctor who was dumb enough not to order a chest x-ray because he could still be here if it weren't for that...beep....We have to make a choice before January of what we will do. I am encouraging my mom to sue because that lady should lose her doctoring license! Instead of running her big mouth she should have used her brain! She had 3 months to fix her problem but didn't. So, hearing your story really called out to me. I participated in the relay for life and Star's photo was in the bark for life '13 calender. :)

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