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Natural Dog University Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?
Click here to enroll.

How do I know if I got my points for enrolling?
Go to your "My Account" page and it will show in your point accrual.

What is the difference between Natural Dog University and Dog College?
Natural University is an entirely new set of classes based on health and natural care for your dog.

How do I graduate from Natural Dog University?
Each session of courses has a graduation ceremony and diploma (Series 100 courses, Series 200 courses, etc.) and you graduate from each series of courses by earning a 60 percent or better on all quizzes.

How do I graduate with honors?
Get 90 percent or above on all quizzes. In order to graduate with honors, a class must be in session. You are welcome to complete the courses and the quizzes once a session is over, but you will not be eligible for honors.

How do I become a Natural Dog University Valedictorian?
Each semester a new Natural Dog University Valedictorian will be chosen. To be eligible you must complete a session before graduation and must graduate with honors. The Valedictorian will be chosen randomly from all eligible students.

Can I be the Natural Dog University Valedictorian all four sessions?
You can only be named Natural Dog University Valedictorian once, but you will still be able to complete the courses and graduate with honors.

Can I take the quizzes more than once?
Yes you can. Each failing score will record until you earn a passing grade (60 percent or better). Once you earn a 60 percent or better, that is your final score.

When is graduation?
Graduation occurs at the end of each three month session. You will receive an e-mail with graduation details.

Where can I go and download my diploma?
After the close of classes (last class date), quizzes will be scored and diplomas will be posted on graduation date for download in your "My Account" page.

Do I get points for every quiz I take?
Yes, you will receive up to 250 Club Dog points for each college quiz.

I just found out about Natural Dog University and it started awhile ago, can I still enroll?
Yes as long as the classes are posted, you may enroll and take classes. You will still receive points for quizzes, but will not be eligible for honors once a Session has ended.

Can I exceed the schedule posted?
In other words, can I take the Session 1 courses and immediately take the Session 2 courses without yet receiving my Session 1 diploma?

Yes, so long as you pass all of your quizzes with a 60 percent or higher, you may take the next set of courses.

What does extra credit activity get me?
The extra credit activities give you Club Dog points.

I took a quiz but I don't see my points for extra credit. What happened?
Please make sure you are logged in. Carefully review the activity or your point history on the "My Account" page. Points reflected are sums of similar activities on a certain date. If you still feel that you have not received all your points, contact us using the subject" Natural Dog University Technical Support."

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C.Beth - 215507   Mount Carmel, PA

1/5/2014 4:22:57 PM

does anyone know if it is still possible to take natural dog college and recieve a diploma or is it just for points now?

User Avatar

paul - 7067   germantown, WI

8/6/2013 1:42:40 PM

study for what? no NDU

User Avatar

ALOL   New York, NY

5/27/2013 3:53:02 PM

I love the classes at the Natural Dog University you gain a lot of knowledge about dogs in aspects, Its a s close to attending to a University as can

Thank you.

User Avatar

Deborah - 178331   Sagamore, MA

5/1/2013 10:46:36 AM

I have tried to get the chart for Dog Waste management 101 and it keeps coming up blank. Has anyone else having this problem or knows how to fix this.

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