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Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Germany
AKC Group:Hound Group
UKC Group:Scenthound
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Color:Any shade of brindle.
Coat:Short, thick and dense.
Grooming:Brush weekly.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:20 to 25 inches at the shoulder
Weight:40 to 60 pounds

One of the oldest breeds of hunting hounds in this country is the Plott. The origin of this unique breed dates back to 1750 when Johnathan Plott emigrated to the United States from Germany. Plott brought hounds with him that had been bred in Europe for the purpose of chasing wild boar. The product of long years of careful and selective breeding, the Plott is known as a thoroughly satisfactory big game hound and a competitive participant in the sport of coon hunting in North America. The dogs are excellent companions, but their high energy level requires daily exercise. Plott Hounds typically stand 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh 50 pounds. Their short, thick, dense coats are usually brindle. Saddled brindle (primarily black with brindle legs), and smokey blue are acceptable color patterns, while buckskins are barred from registration. These dogs, and other coonhound breeds, compete in hunting trials with the AKC and in UKC events.


Plott Hound

Sarah Christie


Nothing stirs the heart of a hunter like the long, trailing bawl and chop of a coonhound in full voice. Mingling with the mist hanging low over the hardwood forest, this is as much a song of the South as the strum of a banjo or the whistle of a riverboat.

Although the Plott Hound was bred to help hunters track bear, boar and cougar, this dog breed is now catching on with search-and-rescue programs and professional trackers. The Plott Hound 's keen ability to follow a scent and high intelligence make it easy and rewarding to train.

The Plott Hound was created in the United States and has the distinction of being the only American hound dog breed not bred from British stock. The breed, which has a sharp, high-pitched voice -- unique among coonhounds-and a camouflaged coat, was born of the Deep South. Jonathon Plott created the Plott Hound when he emigrated from Germany to North Carolina in 1750. North Carolina eventually selected this dog breed to be the state dog, and today, the Plott Hound remains as renowned a hunting dog as it was nearly 250 years ago.

"Plott Hounds are never aggressive toward humans, but they are exceptionally smart fighters when it comes to baying game," says Bill Rankin, a breeder in Bentonville, Ark.

Jonathon Plott brought several of his favorite boar-hunting hounds from Germany when he moved his family to the United States. For generations, his Plott Hounds were bred for stamina, endurance and courage.

Plott had no interest in breeding his hounds with the local hunting dogs, mostly Foxhounds. He kept his pack pure until 1780, when he was visited by a Georgia hunter who had developed his own strain of "leopard-spotted bear dogs." The two must have enjoyed mutual admiration because Plott agreed to relinquish one of his top stud dogs. This is the only documented outcross of the Plott Hound, but others may have occurred around 1900.

The typical laid-back, hound-dog approach to life is offset by a tenacious tracking instinct and cunning game-fighting ability. While the Plott Hound happily lounges on the front porch for weeks or plays nanny to a room full of toddlers, its blood runs hot at the first sign of a hunt.

Plott Hounds are extremely hardy. Hot spots (skin rash) can occur, especially in darker dogs living in warm climates.

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