Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Hungary
AKC Group:Rare
UKC Group:Herding
Use today:Herding, property guarding, companion
Life Span:12 to 13 years
Color:Black, white, gray, or shades of fawn from pale cream to red.
Coat:Short and curly.
Grooming:Groom as needed.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:15 to 18.5 inches
Weight:22 to 32 pounds

The Pumi has been an established breed for more than 300 years, but wasn't officially recognized until the 1920s. Its unique appearance is said to have been derived from another Hungarian breed, the Puli, being bred to French and German herding dogs. The coat is wavy and curly, but never corded or smooth. The breed continues to be used as a herding and guard dog, so it has an alert, lively and energetic personality. It needs regular exercise and activity. Because of this working background, the Pumi is known to bark consistently and be a bit wary of strangers, which could pose a problem for suburban living. .

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