Socializing Your Puppy

Teach proper etiquette by socializing your new puppy.


When socializing your puppy, remember to ask politely before letting your puppy approach another dog or person. Not all dogs or people enjoy such interaction. In addition, ask before you take your puppy into any building besides your own house.

Many people will also approach you to touch your puppy. Encourage this behavior, but if people touch your puppy without asking, take the opportunity to cheerfully remind them that, for safety's sake, they should ask before touching a strange dog.

Many lasting friendships happen because of interactions with other dog owners. Puppy socialization can also mean great socialization for you!


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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

11/7/2012 1:09:47 PM

Helpful info. thanks

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Melissa   Farmington, NM

4/2/2010 12:19:20 PM

This is so important! Thanks!

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Joy   Federal Way, WA

3/3/2010 1:23:01 PM

Hi, my name is Joy, and about a year and a half ago i acquired a silky terrier named Sweety-Poopy, the absolute love of my life. Then about six months later we adopted Sophy, a havanies mix. They instantly hit it off and I felt my family was complete, until last week. I bought a ten week old half yorkie half lahso. It is not going so well, Sophy is completely terrorfied of her, even sits in the middle of kitchen counter in an attempt to get to higher ground. Sweety is just mad and dont want anything to do with her. would love and appreciate some advice, i love my girls and want us all to be together forever.

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(Mr). Tracey   Massena, NY

11/6/2009 5:40:12 AM

I have a 1 1/2 old male Pomeranian. He does not like other dogs. He never has since I got him. What I don't understand is that he came from a kennel full of dogs. I have asked the people that I got him from and they say they never saw the aggressiveness. I am working on it, but taking it slow, don't want any problems. Otherwise he is a very sweet lovable little guy.

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