How to Select a Puppy for Show

All puppies look sweet, but not every puppy has champion show-dog potential.

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Puppy Personality
Although all breeds are different, puppies that are destined to be in the show ring need to have plenty of confidence, so don't be tempted to select the pretty sweet thing that hides under the table just because you have taken pity on the puppy. The puppy you select should have that "look at me" attitude and a happy personality. Although he should be confident, he should not show signs of being overly dominant with his siblings or you may have trouble on your hands if you have, or plan to have, other dogs in your home. 

You may have a personal preference for the sex of your potential show dog. If you do, don't allow the breeder to sway you into taking a puppy of the opposite sex against your better judgment.

However, because you plan to show your puppy, this may have some bearing on the sex you choose. It is generally frowned upon to a take a bitch to a show when she is in season, so there may well be shows that you would like to take her to, but cannot. If you have a bitch, you will also find that many lose coat following a season, so this will be a time when she won't be looking her best for the ring.

In many breeds, males are more striking to look at because they carry more coat. This is especially so in those breeds that carry a ruff around the neck. However, it is often difficult to keep males together at home, though this will vary according to the breed, and even according to different lines within a breed.

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