Socialize to Help Shy Puppy

For a sensitive or timid dog, socialization can help.

Border CollieQ. We have a 9-month-old, 2-pound Yorkie who has a sensitivity problem. Is this because of her age and size? We praise her, socialize her and try to keep her to a schedule. Will she outgrow her sensitivity if we keep up this routine, or will she be like this forever? Do you have any tips for us?

A. Tiny dogs are apt to be sensitive. It's a big world out there! This does not mean you should coddle her. It is important to socialize puppies, especially shy ones, but stay with dogs or puppies of a similar size. Overly large or assertive older dogs will only exacerbate the problem.


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Pepe   Columbia, SC

1/7/2011 4:03:16 PM

My toy dog growls at dogs her size, but wags her tail at big dogs. Can't figure that one out. She is basically more interested in people than other dogs.

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carmen   demotte, IN

5/30/2010 5:12:26 PM

i have a very timid ig he was a keenel dog so hes not use to just being a pet, i need advise, please help, hes afried of everything

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