Spay and Neuter Facts

Learn the facts about spay and neutering dogs.


One of the most important things you can do to ensure your puppy's health and well being is to have him neutered or spayed. These simple operations do much more than prevent unwanted puppies. They have health and behavior benefits that will help make your pup a better, happier companion. 




Benefits include the reduction or elimination of the risk that a female dog will suffer from potentially fatal mammary tumors, uterine infections or uterine cancer; elimination of the risk of prostate problems or testicular cancer in male dogs; less inclination to roam in search of a mate, reducing the risk of injury or loss; and fewer undesirable behaviors, such as mounting or aggression. Spaying also stops behavioral and physiological changes associated with estrus (heat), such as bloody discharge from the female's vulva and attraction of male dogs. 

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