Are You Ready for a Puppy?

Important things to consider when getting a puppy.


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5.  I am prepared to take my puppy out to potty this many times a day:

    a. Two 

    b. Three 

   c. Five

    d. 10

The more the better! The more times you can take out your puppy, the fewer accidents it will have in the house. If you only have time to take your puppy out twice a day, housetraining will be much more difficult. Consider acquiring a puppy when you or someone in your family has the availability to walk it often. Give yourself 3 points for d, 2 points for c and 1 point for b.

6. One item I can omit when I start training my puppy is:

   a. Crate 

    b. Slip collar 

    c. Treats

   d. Praise 

The best answer is b. Slip collars (also called choke chains) can cause permanent injuries to the trachea of a small puppy if used improperly. Your best bet is a flat, buckle collar. Of course, you'll need a crate to help housetrain your puppy and keep it safe at night. Treats and praise are excellent ways to get your puppy trained and bonded to you at the same time. Give yourself 2 points for b. 

7.  Because I am a law-abiding owner, I plan to make sure my puppy gets this important vaccination when its about 4 months old:

   a. Distemper series 

    b. Lyme disease 

    c. Bordetella

    d. Rabies

Its important to follow your veterinarians advice about what vaccines your puppy needs. A rabies shot is mandated by law in all 50 states. Its given later than most other vaccinations (at about 4 months). Give yourself 1 point for d. 

8.  If I come home to find my puppy has made a mess on the floor, I will probably:

   a. Yell

   b. Strike the pup gently with a rolled-up newspaper

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