My Puppy’s First Month

From a first car trip to visits with the veterinarian, Mischief's owner records their progress.


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Day 4

We've decided to name him Mischief. Heres how he earned his name: While I was working on my income-tax returns, he bit into the electric cord to my adding machine. Luckily, he didn't get electrocuted (thanks to modern technology and circuit-breakers), but he did suffer an electrical burn on his tongue. Dr. T. prescribed an antibiotic to prevent infection and assured me puppys mouth would heal quickly. I'm to soak his dry kibbles, so it won't hurt him to eat. That was a close oneit really scared us both. Ill have to be a lot more careful in the future! 

Day 5

More trials and tribulations. Mischief and I were jogging in the woods, and he must have snagged his paw on a rock or branch. He tore a toenailit was bleeding a little and he wouldn't walk on it, so I had to carry him home. I have good dog-nail trimmers and styptic powder, thank goodness. I trimmed off the torn part and stopped the bleeding with the powder. I trimmed all his nails short again (gosh, they grow fast!), so they won't snag on things. 

Day 7

I'm gonna request my own reserved parking space at Dr. Thoroughgoods office, since we seem to visit so frequently. Mischief ran up to kitty while he was eating, and kitty swatted him in the face. Now his left eye is watering and red. He's squinting and keeps rubbing at it with his paw, too. I can't see a scratch, but I'm worried.

Later: I called Jenny for advice and she said to take Mischief to the vet right away! She said its hard to see scratches on the clear part of the eye. And guess what? Jen was right. When the vet put a special dye in Mischiefs eye, you could see the big scratch, highlighted by the dye. Poor puppy! We have ointment to put in his eye three times a day, and he has to wear one of those lampshade-look collars around his neck, so he can't rub his eye. Dr. T. said its a good thing we brought him in right awayinfection could have set in, or he could have rubbed his eye into a worse mess.

Dr. T. suggested we trim kittys nails short and feed him on a high surface, where Mischief can't bother him. As we were leaving, the receptionist handed me a brochure-on pet health insurance!

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Joyce   Granite City, IL

8/20/2010 8:27:17 AM

I was having a bad day at work and this really brightened my mood. It's hilarious. Poor puppy. Especially the frog legs sticking out of the poop. You should be a writer. Good luck in the future.

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amber   D., IN

9/24/2008 7:14:32 AM

ya i agree. Maybe you should sum it up a little bit but oh well to late now. but its an interesting story for the most part.

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Masanakikosheemountoo   simsimsalbimland, MT

3/3/2008 6:58:02 PM

to long, maybe try summing it up.

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