Ear Cropping and Tail Docking

Cropping your dog's ears and docking his tails is controversial.


Q. I just received Sadie, an 8-week-old Schnauzer puppy. I have the decision of whether or not to crop her ears. What you would suggest in finding the right doctor to do the job? 

Dr. Jon GellerA. The questions regarding ear cropping and tail docking in dogs is a controversial one, especially among veterinarians. It has been compared to cosmetic surgery in humans, but without the consent of the patient. In the past, pain management has been minimal and numerous procedures have been botched, leading to bleeding and other complications.

The ethical dilemma of whether or not to have your dog's ears cropped ultimately will be yours to sort out. There is no medical benefit to cropping your dog's ears (or docking its tail).
However, if you decide to have Sadie's ears docked, please follow the following guidelines:

1. Insist on using a veterinarian who is highly experienced with the procedure, with a long list of references.

2. Insist on thorough pain management, including pre-emptive analgesia, intra-operative analgesia and postoperative pain control. Pre-emptive analgesia is the use of pain medication before surgery to prevent the onset of pain. Intra-operative analgesia involves the use of anesthetic agents that help control pain. Some anesthetics have no effect on pain control. Finally, post-operative pain medication includes a combination of injections and oral medications that control pain and swelling until the ears are fully healed. Ask the veterinarian what his or her pain management plan is for the surgery, and if it does not address all three aspects of pain control, go somewhere else.

Jon Geller, DVM

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Sheba   Bridgewater, NS

1/1/2016 4:24:47 PM

had my puppy\s tail docked and ears cropped. they were done one day and she was flown to me the next day. had no problems whatsoever. if she had any pain she didn't show it. no problems at all. her ears stood up approximately 5 weeks after we taped them. not sorry i had them done. she is a super dog, beautiful to look at and we have had many compliments on her looks. i guess she came from a good breeder who knew what she was doing for the cropping and docking. would buy from her again and crop and dock again. this is my third doberman and have never had problems with cropping and docking. if we ban this what about banning ear piercing on babies and belly button piercing,eyebrow piercing and nipple piercing. . oh by the way i live in nova scotia canada. not usa.

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Kim   Florence, AZ

2/15/2012 11:45:39 AM

I just got a 6 week old Rotti/Lab mix. I don't understand the purpose of docking its tail and would love to view a picture of a rotti that has not had this procedure done. Thank you in advance!

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Concerned for Animals   Winchester, VA

3/11/2009 6:43:58 PM

It is not necessary to alter the pets appearance. It is purely selfish on the humans part....it is cruel and should be banned, like in Europe.

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na   houston, TX

2/13/2008 6:30:09 AM

I as well did not crop my rottweilers tail and he is just as beautiful.

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