How Funny is Your Pup?

Get in touch with your dog's inner Seinfeld.


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Advantage: This is a pup that'll keep you amused even if the television blows up, says Dr. Coren. Read: The Canine Clown will inject laughter into your life during the best and worst of times.

Disadvantage: Anticipate a serious possibility that furniture and objects on countertops will become part of the game and may, in fact, get destroyed, warns Dr. Coren. 

The Funny Face
Typical traits: Unique appearance, uninhibited, charming.

Fun style: Your puppy is a total funny-looking one! A dogs looks can bring us gentle humor, says Dr. Burch. This is the smile that crosses ones lips as we look at an adorable Basset puppy. How could this short-legged pup have such long ears?

Advantage: The good news is that everybody will notice you, points out Dr. Coren. Translation: Your puppy will be a great ice-breaker.

Disadvantage: The bad news? If you want to maintain a low profile-you can't, adds Dr. Coren. Perhaps its time to invest in a twin set of sunglasses and a bodyguard.  

The Good-Time Charlie
Typical traits: Upbeat, amused, fun-loving.

Fun style: Your puppy is ready for serious laughter. Good-Time Charlies have this happy-go-lucky look on their faces. They're very bouncy. We think of the jolly person as someone who is always upbeat and we transfer that onto the dog, explains Dr. Wright.

Advantage: You will never want for a friend [with this type], asserts Dr. Coren. They are the ones that will wash your face and kiss your ears and clean your soul.

Disadvantage: If you ever want to be alone, this dog is going to make it clear to you that its a psychological problem for him, points out Dr. Coren. P.S.: You'll find this lovable puppy in bed during intimate human moments.

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Trisha   San Diego, CA

9/10/2006 9:25:29 AM

Seriously? I loved it. One of the reasons our canines clown is the neonatizing that has taken place since the domestication of the wolf. I have a Sheltie, Atticus, who knows the therapeutic and physical value of mirth and joy. He is surprisingly funny and laughs at me, often. But, then again, so do people. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the great article; it will blossom with canine understanding and more use of humor and joy.

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