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Socialize puppy to build confidence.

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Border CollieQ. We have a 9-month-old, 2-pound Yorkie who is very sensitive. Is this because of her age and size? We praise her, socialize her and try to keep her to a schedule. Will she outgrow her sensitivity if we keep up this routine, or will she be like this forever? Do you have any tips for us?

A. Tiny dogs are apt to be sensitive. It's a big world out there! This does not mean you should coddle her. It is important to socialize puppies, especially shy ones, but stay with dogs or puppies of a similar size. Overly large or assertive older dogs will only exacerbate the problem.

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Ian   Ann Arbor, MI

6/1/2007 11:43:11 AM

Really, really great but, what about a mean girl?

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