Puppy Frustration

Patience wears thin when a puppy gets destructive.

Golden Retriever Discipline Training

Teach your golden retriever puppy the basics of discipline, reward and punishment.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Learn about the basics of general training for your golden retriever puppy.

Preventing Pembroke Welsh Corgi Problems

A number of problems could arise in your new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. Find out what to do to help prevent or solve these problems.

Breeders and Newborn Puppies

Raise the odds of puppy survival with these six tips.


Puppy Grooming Takes Preparation, Patience and Practice

No matter the breed, size or coat type, your new pup requires basic grooming to maintain its good looks and health.

Puppy Health Basics

Give your puppy a healthy start by covering these dog basics.

Become Your Puppy's Pack Leader

For your puppy to grow into a healthy, balanced dog, you must demonstrate leadership from day one.

Adding A New Dog

Introducing a new dog to your home can be challenging for current residents. Our training expert explains how to make your new addition a smooth transition.

New Puppy Bites Too Much

Young puppies have a lot of energy they need to get out. Satisfy these urges to stop the behavior.


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