Training the Border Collie Puppy

A solid education in obedience and leadership is essential to teach your Border Collie the rules of his new human world.

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Whatever your choice, purchase an adult-size crate, about 42 inches long by 26 inches wide by at least 28 inches high, rather than a small or puppy size; your Border Collie will soon grow into it. For the puppy, you can use a removable divider panel to create a smaller area in the crate and expand the area as puppy grows. A smaller area will help with house-training; plus, you want puppy to feel cozy in his den, not lost! Crates are available at most pet stores and through pet-supply catalogs.

In addition to the crate, you may wish to purchase a dog bed; there are many varieties available.

You will need to purchase durable food and water bowls for your Border Collie. They should be made of a chew-proof material, easy to clean and heavy enough that puppy can't tip them over.

Your Border Collie pup should have a collar that can expand to fit him as he grows. A lightweight nylon adjustable collar works best for puppies and adult dogs. He will also need an ID tag, which should be attached to his everyday collar. The ID tag should have your phone number, name and address, but not the puppy's name, as that would enable a stranger to identify and call your dog.

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marty   manitowoc, WI

9/11/2011 9:05:19 AM

To Roseann from Poland, NY...One doesn't acquire border collie puppies and then find out how to train them. One researches training and then gets the pups. Secondly, bc's can make excellent indoor dogs if you exercise them enough and know what you're doing. You seem to be one of those people with a little knowledge who think they know it all. Obviously, if you knew it all you would know how to train the bc's to work with your cows and you wouldn't be online trolling and leaving snotty remarks.

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Roseann   Poland, NY

11/9/2010 10:18:38 AM

I just wasted 5 minutes of my precious time reading this junk. I have a dairy farm with cows and have acquired two border collie puppies. I need advice on how to train them properly in rounding up the cows, etc... As commented before, this crap could be applied to any dog. And contrary to this article, border collies should NOT be caged. They don't do well when confined and they are NOT indoor dogs. Thanks dog channel for NOTHING!!

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Amy   Fayetteville, AR

7/18/2008 2:59:21 PM

I found this to be more of a "What your puppy needs" than an actual training article. The title is misleading.

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