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PuppiesEverything you do with your puppy should be positive. Training is no different. Should you want your pup to do what you ask and look forward to working for you, he must have fun while he is performing. Play-training is the best means of ensuring that your puppy will love his training sessions. Keeping the lessons short is another way to make sure that your pup looks forward to his work.

Puppy Lesson Plans
    Step One: Target and Sit     Step Five: Down
    Step Two: Come and Sit    Step Six: Stay
    Step Three: Round Robin    Step Seven: Leash Training
    Step Four: Heel and Sit    

Puppies have very short attention spans; generally about five to ten minutes. You will be most successful if you work with your pup for only five minutes at a time, but many times through the day. There are many ways that this method can fit into a busy schedule. Its far easier than trying to find a full half hour in your day to hold a training session.

You can train your pup for a few minutes prior to each of his meals. You can train him with other family members when they get home from work or school. You can also have a quick lesson whenever your pup has a burst of extra energy. Training him while he's alert and energetic is a great way to guide him into correct behavior instead of leaving him to invent his own activities, which, more often than not, are not things that you want him to be doing.

Puppy thinks his training time is play, when in actuality he is learning. Play-training is the most positive means of obtaining fast results that last a lifetime. A puppy that's having fun will maintain a longer attention span and look forward to each training session.

Begin each five-minute training session by having your pup "target." This focuses his attention and prepares him for learning new behaviors. In fact, he'll easily learn how to sit within the first few minutes of the targeting exercise. Many pups that might have dominant tendencies will still respond well to target training. It is also important to note here that any off-leash sessions should be done indoors or in a safely fenced or enclosed area only.

Reprinted from Training Your Puppy in 5 Minutes © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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