Your Herding Puppy

Herding breeds have high energy levels and require constant stimulation.

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This is generally known as one of the more intelligent breed groups. However, high intellect does not always make for a good pet. Herding breeds also have high energy levels and require constant stimulation. These types of dogs do not always work well in homes with young children, for they have a tendency to race after running youngsters, as though herding sheep, and can possibly knock them over.

Herding breeds are consistently among the top competitors in agility trials. Their intelligence allows them to quickly learn to navigate the obstacles, and their athleticism allows them to virtually fly through the course with speed and ease.

Reprinted from Training Your Puppy in 5 Minutes © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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tonya   palmerton, Pennsylvania

11/16/2012 12:31:57 AM

I have a 10 year old Belgian Malinois and a Husky/Malinois cross.Both wonderful dogs ,lovable with extreme prey drive.

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jazzy   lakeland, FL

2/8/2012 4:48:35 PM

belgian mal...wonderful 5 month old smart and ready for game on...gentle and kind

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C Hart   Eau Claire, WI

2/5/2012 10:47:22 AM

I have and love a Pons.....She is smart, protective and wonderful with my granddaughter who is 4 years old. Her pal is a 13 # bishon mix. Yes they are full of energy and lots of fun. She has a beautiful coat and must be brushed often.

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Pteri   Columbus, OH

12/22/2011 4:47:23 AM

Rich, We had similar problem. My husband would leave and the dog would go nuts. Now, before my husband leaves he ignores the dog for about 20 mins. Then he fills a Kong full of treats and peanut butter. Then right before he leaves he crates the dog with the Kong. Then when he returns he ignores the dog for about 20 mins. This has really helped. The dog now calms down in about 2 to 5 minutes. We do the same when we both leave the house. We also video tape him to make sure he is calming down. If you do this and your dog does not calm down or if he is not even interesed in the Kong then I would recommend finding a behaviorist to discuss other tactics.

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