Training Your Dog for Good Behavior

Can a stranger walk up to your dog and look at its teeth? All dogs at Westminster can, while most pet dogs cannot.

By | Posted: Tue Apr 10 00:00:00 PDT 2001

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To go to the next step, "Show me your teeth," ask the dog to sit and start touching your dog's lips. Say "Good" and give a treat if the dog holds still. Say "Uh-uh" and withhold the treat if the dog flips its head, mouths your fingers or squirms out of the way. Once you can get the dog to tolerate your touch for about 15 seconds at a time, have your friend rebuild the behavior with momentary touches and then longer contact. Caution: If your dog has a history of nipping or growling when having its mouth handled, you will probably need the help of a trainer or behaviorist to do this safely.

While show dogs have a reputation for being pretty, they also have some skills that can benefit your pet. Taking the time to teach these simple behaviors can make a pet's regular health care and grooming pleasant rather than a fight and struggle.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

3/24/2011 4:26:09 AM

important information, thank you very much

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janet   bethlehem, PA

4/30/2010 4:00:46 AM

good article thanks

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