Beagle Training Overview

Quick tips on training your Beagle.

  • During the course of socialization, you can begin your Beagle puppy's first days at school. Dress him for school in his collar and lead, and begin acclimating him to walking on his leash.
  • A show puppy can be trained to stand on a grooming table. Don't teach the sit exercise until you have mastered the stand/stay.  
  • Once his inoculations are complete, take your dog to public places so that he can grow confident.
  • Commence crate training so that your puppy accepts the crate as his bedroom and den.
  • Games are fun and lay the foundation for responding to his name and important commands.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Beagle © 2005. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Paul   Dublin, LA

2/11/2011 1:43:53 AM

Thanks for introduction to beagle puppy training I have read and very helpful.

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Maggie   Littleton, CO

3/7/2007 11:59:25 AM

Beagles are the best bogs in the world, as long as you're prepared to take them to puppy school and follow up on their training at home. They can be stubborn and will become the pack leader if given the chance. One way to establish your rank, which should be higher than your dog's, is to keep him/her on a leash until he/she is house trained. That way, you will know where your puppy is(you're the leader)instead of frantically following him/her all over the house(he/she is the leader.)This technique is also helpful in house training. Since your puppy will be following you around(more help with pack order)and he/she is always with you. You'll know when your puppy needs to go outside, because he/she will squat. When he/she takes that position, rush him/her/ to the door they will use to eliminate. We hung some bells beside the patio door and on our way out we would swipe Pip's paw over the bells and say, "Outside?" After he had eliminated we'd praised him to the skies pet and stroke him telling him what a good boy he is, followed by a little treat. On the third day of this routine, Pip, even though he was only eight weeks old, walked up to the bells and slapped them. I, of course, followed him outside to praise him. That was it! He was house trained. Beagles will eat as much food as you are willing to give them. Thake care that you follow the food intake listed on the dog food bag. NEVER feed your dog table scraps. Not only can some of them be harmful, you only have to do it once and you'll have a begging Beagle at your table and beside when you are having a snack. Consistency, consistency consistency is the key. Establish the rules and stick to them. Your Beagle will feel secure and will be a calmer dog, if you establish a routine. NEVER ever, under any circumstances, hit your Beagle. If he/she has had an accident, is chewing, barking, etc. is it most likely your fault for not finding a solution for the undesirable behavior. Ask your trainer or vet for suggestions. I recommend crate training, slowly, so that the crate becomes your Beagles sanctuary. Do not put your Beagle in his/her crate for punishment. Dogs, no matter how old they get, are basically two year olds. They need daily exercise to stay fit and work of some excess energy. Treat them gently, lovingly and kindly and you will have a best friend for life.

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