Naming Your Poodle Puppy

Find a fitting name for yoru new Poodle puppy.

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Good First Impressions
Poodles are people dogs. They thrive on interaction with humans, even more so than they crave the company of the other dogs. Turning your Poodle into the most popular socialite on your block will not take too much effort on your part. Your Poodle has pizzazz, oomph and chutzpah!

The puppy's dam and breeder start the socialization process at the kennel. Now it's your turn to take the lead and show your Poodle to the world. Socializing your puppy is very important if you want a dog that fits into the human world and is a good companion who is enjoyed by everyone.

Socializing a puppy is similar to when you bring home a new baby. Hold and pet your puppy so that he knows that he is wanted and loved. Do not play with him constantly, though, as he is very young and needs time to rest. Keep him to a schedule as much as you can, as he will become schedule-oriented very quickly. If he knows that you rise at 7 a.m. every day, and shortly after you will take him out, he will wait for you to let him out before relieving himself in his crate.

Habits, and that includes good and bad habits, that are learned at an early age become lifelong habits, so it is best to start out on the right foot. Don't let him chew on an old shoe or sock and think that it's cute, because before long he will chew on your Versace loafers and cashmere socks. (Poodles have taste, you know.) Lay out the rules and stick to them: do not eat Daddy's clothes (no matter how terrific they smell!).

Keep the pup confined to a specific area, such as the kitchen or den, until he is trained and fairly mature. Use baby gates and he will quickly learn that he is welcome in certain areas of the house and not welcome in other areas. And, of course, put him into his crate when you leave home. He will be comfortable in his house and he will sleep until you come home.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Poodle © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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Danielle   Sexsmith, Alaska

11/19/2012 5:21:11 PM

You are very right about good and bad habit's starting very early. My 4 month old, mini poodle, started bad habit's, it was cute, she would steal clothes are carry them every where, or pull the dish cloth off the stove, but now as I am trying to brake her of it, it's hard. plus it is very confusing to her. I am trying to leash train her now, she wears her collar all the time, but she thinks she is the boss, when we try walking with the leash.

User Avatar

Diana   Orlando, FL

10/8/2006 7:49:54 AM

We have a 6 month Tiny Toy poodle who is very smart and lovable. He is full of energy and loves playing fetch. I think that your article hits the nail on the head when describing Toy Poodles.

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