Rottweiler Puppy Training

Learn how to train your rottweiler puppy.

Rottweiler PuppiesYour puppy should be well socialized when you bring him home. He will be used to family and strangers, and average noises in the house and on the street will not startle him. Socialization for your puppy is very important, and good breeders spend time socializing their litters. It is particularly helpful if there were children in the breeders family. Let your dog meet the neighbors and play for a few minutes. Take him for short walks in public places where he will see people and other dogs as well as hear strange noises. Watch other dogs, however, as they are not always friendly. Keep your dog on a short leash and you will have control over him so he does not jump up on anyone.

You will find it to your advantage to have a mannerly dog; therefore, some basic commands will make your dog a better canine citizen. One of the family members should attend puppy kindergarten classes with the pup, as all further training will be built on this foundation. This is a class that accepts puppies from two to five months of age. It takes about two months to complete the class. You will cover the basics: sit, heel, down and recall or come. There are definite advantages to each. Sit and heel are great helps when walking your dog. Who needs a puppy that walks between your legs, lunging forward or lagging behind, in general acting like a nut? Have your dog walking like a gentleman on your left side and sitting as you wait to cross the street. The recall is very important if your dog either escapes from the yard or breaks his leash and you need to call him back. Remember, it is essential to have an obedient Rottweiler.

Before your Rottweiler puppy comes home, you will have chosen a name for the dog. This is not a time to be indecisive! This is not like naming a goldfish (which can change six times before the final exit). You have to use your Rottweilers name 100 times per day! Many breeders think it wise to choose a two-syllable name, such as Marcus or Lotte, so that the dog recognizes the rhythm of the name. Yes, of course, German names are best for Rottweilers! You don't want to name your proud German dog Pedro or Chauncey (though its been done!).

In order to teach your puppy his name, you have to use it when you speak to him, always in a happy, upbeat tone. Never use the pups name when you are correcting him, as he will associate his name with a negative experiences (and then you'll be spending thousands of dollars on doggie analysts dealing with mother-inflicted self-loathing, every psychiatrists favorite topic). But seriously, say things like Good, Eva, good or That's a handsome boy, Heinrich! and Good Knabe, Ludwig. Once you have achieved name recognition, you can begin teaching basic commands.

Always start your teaching exercises in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Once your pup has mastered any task, change the setting and practice in a different location like another room or outside in the yard. Next, practice with another person or a dog nearby. If the pup reacts to the new distraction and does not perform the exercise, take a step back with your training, make his food rewards more enticing and continue with the exercise by working without distractions for a while.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Rottweiler © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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desmond   oostende(belgium), International

3/22/2013 5:36:08 AM

i have a rottweiler name Vegas,6months old!sweet but have so many problems,first…anytime i walk with her with the two other cavalier she copy their style jumping up trying to get loose from me as if she want to kill a dog but soon she get close get scarry like a chihuahua,but friendly to dogs and human.second…she gave a lot of hard time at home,never sit non sleep allways moving trying to playing with everything with her teeth and allso giving the black cat hard time that many a time me and my lady get problem because of her,treating to put my vegas out of which i say to hey that she have three cat a two dogs those allso goes out!please tell me what to do to stop my vegas from irritating behavement?…

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