Puppy Training: Have Fun on the Run

Learn how to make puppy training fun.


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Have Fun on the Run: Going to the store, post office or to make a social call? No matter. Your go-pup is always willing to come along just for the fun of it.

The Gain: Taking that pup along on errands is a good way to socialize your pet because there will be lots of different people and different situations. "Dogs are social animals. They like sharing activities with people. It strengthens the human-dog bond, and it's good mental stimulation for the pet," explains Dr. Hunthausen.

The Pain: Note, "If the puppy is on the shy side," says Dr. Hunthausen, "don't put it in a situation where it's uncomfortable. Watch its behavior. Let the dog approach people rather than people approach the dog."

Cost Factor: No charge.

Extra Tidbits: According to the AAHA pet owner survey, 80 percent of dog owners take their pooches along on errands.

Next Step: Take a Dual Vacation

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