Puppy Training: Take a Dual Vacation

Learn how to make puppy training fun.


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Take a Dual Vacation: When it's time to go solo out of town, wouldn't it be wonderful if you had the perfect doggy vacation spot to park your pup? Finding a plush or cozy boarding kennel is a puppy owner's dream come true.

The Gain: "If your puppy starts when it is young, The Kennel Club will feel like like a home away from home, almost like Grandma's house, where they get unlimited TLC," explains Sharon Graner, owner of The Kennel Club-LAX in Los Angeles, California.

The Pain: Boarding kennels without puppy perks (such as Kindercareone on one playtime for pups, to Jamboreesmall supervised groups of dogs romping together) can make even the silliest pup frown.

Cost Factor: VIP care (24-hour-a-day companionship) $55; Cottages, including lounge bed, TV and VCR $45; For more information, contact The Kennel Club at 800-255-8558.

Extra Tidbits: "Make sure your puppy is fully vaccinated before entering any environment with other dogs," cautions Graner.

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