Puppy Training: Cuddle Up

Learn how to make puppy training fun.


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Cuddle Up:  What dog lover doesn't love to play couch potato with his or her cuddly pup? The best part is, age, size or breed doesn't matter when it comes to snuggling up with a lovable pooch.

The Gain: "It's good for satisfying the normal social needs that dogs have as pack animals," says Dr. Hunthausen.

The Pain: Pesky fleas, muddy paws or shedding woes can make cuddle time less than romantic. To make this sweet time more inviting, take care of grooming business before Fido jumps up on the sofa to join you.

Cost Factor: Turn on Animal Planet and tune into a dog-related TV program for free.

Extra Tidbit: According to the AAHA pet owner survey, 78 percent of dog owners allow their pets to lick their faces.

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