Puppy Training: Escape on a Picnic

Learn how to make puppy training fun.


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Escape on a Picnic: Picture this: A woodsy area or open field, picnic basket stuffed with human and canine treats, family, friends and your fun-loving pup.

The Gain: "Whether it's in your backyard, or at the company picnic, dogs can really add to the fun," says Dale.

The Pain: "If you're not in a fenced area, either your dog must be exceedingly good off-leash, or you'll have to keep the leash on," says Dale. "Getting into materials they shouldn't, such as skunks, unknowingly knocking over toddlers or annoying those who may not appreciate pups at the picnic are concerns. Most of all, if you're near a road, you don't want your dog to get hit by a car."

Cost Factor: Some scenic state parks and beaches do charge.

Extra Tidbits: Check for signs that read: "Dogs Allowed" (as well as the ones that read: "No Dogs").

Next Step: Go For A Walk

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