Puppy Training: Go to the Park

Learn how to make puppy training fun.


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Go to the Park: Check out local dog-friendly parks for regular, romping get-togethers with other dogs and people.

The Gain: According to Dale, socialization is the No. 1 reason to do the park. "In a dog park, you never know who you're going to meet. For puppies, it's so important that they not only meet people, but meet all kinds of people."

This, in turn, will introduce your dog to noveltiesfrom big dogs to rollerbladers. As time passes, your dog will be able to deal positively with changing situations.

The Pain: It's not dog bites or aggressive dogs that are the problemit's those darn dog owners who don't clean up after their dogs.

Cost Factor: Some dog parks are free. Others allow dogs onto a park with either an annual permit or with a tag for registering your dog. (Locals may pay less.)

Extra Tidbits: Contact your local animal control and state park and recreation department to obtain a guide to the parks in your area. Also, ask about the whereabouts of off-leash park locations where dogs are allowed to run free.

Next Step: Have a Ball

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