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Estrus: The recurring heat period of a female dog, during which she can become pregnant. Often indicated by the leaving of small blood spots. The blood is from the vagina, not the urinary tract.

Euthanasia: The act of painlessly putting to death a sick, injured or unwanted animal.


Fancy: Group of people interested in breeding or showing a particular breed or dogs as a whole.

Flews: Pendulous upper lips.


Gait: A dogs way of movement.

Group show: A show for dogs belonging to one of the seven AKC Groups: Hound, Sporting Dogs, Herding, Non-Sporting, Toy, Working or Terrier.


Heel: A command to a dog to keep close beside its handler, usually on the left side.

Hip dysplasia: A chronic malformation of the hip joint resulting in an unstable joint that allows excess movement, followed by calcium deposits, inflammation, pain and degeneration of the hip-socket tissues. Most common in large breeds.


Iditarod: A Gold Rush city of Alaska; also the 1,049-mile sled race from Anchorage to Nome each March.

ILP: Indefinite listing privilege. AKC registration for purebred dogs that have no proof of breeding. Allows dogs to compete in most AKC events with the exception of conformation.

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