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Excerpted from The Dog Dictionary: Canine Lingo From A to Z (BowTie Press, 2005).

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Agility trial: A performance event in which the handler directs his or her dog over a timed obstacle course. The scoring revolves around faults, similar to equestrian Grand Prix jumping.

All-breed dog show: Offers conformation competitions for more than 150 breeds and varieties of dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).


Best of breed: In a conformation dog show, the dog judged as the best in its breed category.

Bloat: Common name for gastric dilatation-volvulus. A recurring, often fatal condition in which the stomach swells with food, water and gas, then twists, cutting off the blood supply. Occurs primarily in large, deep-chested breeds, such as Great Danes and German Shepherd Dogs.

Breed standard: A written description listing the key physical and temperamental characteristics of the perfect specimen of each breed.


Champion: In conformation, a dog that has accumulated 15 points, including two majors (a win of three, four or five points) won under two different judges and at least one point won under a third judge.

Crate: Portable indoor kennel or cage, used as a sleeping den or for housetraining purposes. Made of wire mesh, fiberglass or sturdy plastic.


Dam: Mother dog.

Dewclaws: Functionless remnant of the first digit on each paw. Some dogs have missing dewclaws on front, back or both. Dewclaws are frequently removed in puppies.

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