Are you an Australian Shepherd person?

Find out if this intelligent breed is for you.

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The Aussie is considered an easy keeper. His medium-length coat requires regular brushing to keep it clean and conditioned, his nails must be clipped as needed and he will need a quality food designed for his activity level. The rest of Aussie maintenance is mental, keeping one step ahead of the dog.

Obviously, the Australian Shepherd is not a dog for everyone. Aussies are special dogs that belong with special people who will devote the time and attention that the breed needs to thrive. If you want a smart, high-energy dog that loves to be by your side, the Aussie is for you!

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Australian Shepherd © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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janet   bethlehem, PR

9/9/2009 4:36:54 AM

good article thanks for the info

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Sherry   Olympia, WA

9/25/2007 11:35:33 PM

A fenced yard is not must for any dog (unless you leave the dog outside all the time). I have an Australian Shepherd and have no need for a fenced yard. I think I have a closer relationship with my dog because she is never outside without me, plus she is better behaved outside than most dogs who are let outside to bathroom when they need to. I do live in a very rural area, but I think I could manage with her in the city as well, it just takes time and good walks!

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