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However, such fences offer no protection from strange dogs, children or other intruders who can come into the yard, so outside play still must be supervised. Furthermore, invisible fences do not provide a physical barrier or buffer between the dog and kids on bikes, passing cars, squirrels and other moving attractions. Such stimuli can arouse the dog into testing the limits of the fence and getting shocked, which will condition him to associate the pain with the objects he is focused on at the time. Thus, those situations will come to cause frustration and escalating aggressive behaviors. On-leash walks are the best answer for safe daily exercise for your fun-loving Boxer.

Discuss electrical fences with the breeder of your choice. He may be able to advise you of his success (or disappointment) with such a device. If used properly in the right setting, the electrical fence can be effective and helpful (and far less expensive than erecting a conventional fence). Safety is the Boxer persons first priority.

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 Reprinted from Breeders Best: Boxer  2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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Debbie   Fraziers Bottom, WV

9/16/2011 7:04:56 AM

I love my boxers. I have 3 right now. Once you own a boxer you will never own anything else. They are very loyal & lovings dogs.

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Gabe   Gatesville, TX

7/6/2011 5:56:04 PM

I think this will be helpful to people who want a boxer.Also to people who have a boxer at home but don't know how to take care of it.

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Anthony   Madison, WI

6/3/2011 11:31:20 PM

This article missed one of the most important Boxer traits, their extreme affection. While a fairly large dog, my Boxer is an extraordinarly loving, affectionate creature who often thinks she's a lap dog. She loves nothing more than to lay alongside me on the couch and lay her head across my chest. Sure she snores somtimes, and that becomes incredibly

She's very sensitive as well. She knows her boundaries, and she knows when she's done good (most of the time) or bad (very, very rare, and usually involves things like eating leaves off my indoor plants in the winter).

Finally, Boxers' traits as a comedian are renowned. And the classic Boxer tailwagging where the Boxer emphatically shakes and twists their entire back half is not only funny, but also highly endearing. My boys and I have nicknamed our Boxer "Miss Wigglebum", which she seems to understand and wiggles, shakes, and dances all the more when we call her that.

I'm a totalliy and permanently disabled young combat veteran, and I cannot imagin a better companion. She's great for my PTSD, and I never realized that a dog could make me so happy.

I've had dogs and been around dogs all my life, but the Boxer is truly special. Mine needs lots of attention and does not do well being alone for more than a couple hours, but if you're looking for an incredible companion who is loving, respectful, intelligent, and fun, the Boxer is as good as it gets.

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Stacy   Homosassa, FL

9/27/2010 4:53:59 PM

Does anyone know if this breed is more predisposed to cancer than other breeds?

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