Are You a Bulldog Person?

Is the Bulldog breed right for you?

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Bulldog PuppyThe Bulldog, in spite of his rough-and-tumble roots, is now favored as a companion dog, and this is his only jobto keep his family happy! The Bulldog is a very special and unique breed, each dog with a charming personality all his own. If you decide that you are a suitable owner for a Bulldog, you are sure to be won over by your new family member.

As part of the AKCs Non-Sporting Group of dogs, the Bulldog finds himself keeping company with such breeds as the French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and Miniature and Standard Poodles, other breeds known for their companion-dog qualities. The Bulldog is well known and very recognizable; whenever you are out walking your dog, you will run across someone who will say, with a big smile, "Oh! A Bulldog!"

Before purchasing your Bulldog, you must think about the personality and characteristics of this breed to determine if this is the dog that you want to join your family. Think about the following questions:

1. Do you have the time to give to a dog? He will need care, companionship, love, training and grooming. This is almost like having a child, except the dog remains childlike in that he will always require your care.

2. Do you have a fenced-in yard for your Bulldog? This is not a breed that you can leave tied out on the porch or to a tree. He must have a secure area in which to run and exercise.

3. Are you looking for a pet that will be a companion, that will live in the house with you and that will want to spend his waking hours with the family?

4. Have you owned a dog previously and did that dog live a long and happy life with you?

5. Do you have small children and are you willing to train and supervise them so that they will not mistreat their pet?

6. This is a breed that will require little in the way of coat care, but he will need special attention to keeping his skin folds clean. Will you commit yourself to his grooming needs?

7. The Bulldog is a breed that may require extra care because of his pushed-in face. Are you willing to take on the special responsibilities of caring for a short-faced dog?

8. Are you looking for a guard dog? 

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janet   bethlehem, PA

8/21/2009 4:30:30 AM

good article thanks

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Sandra Perez   Greenbackville, VA

11/25/2008 4:46:29 PM

I had a buldog for 10 years. I got him when his previous owner could not care for him. He was 1 year old when I got him. He was a little stinker but a wonderful family member. His friends were 4 chiahuahua a poodle yorkie mix and many cats he did not hurt any one.

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Diana   Sherman Oaks, CA

3/14/2007 10:50:59 AM

I am a bulldog person. My Halsey is 10 now, and I picket him out of the litter at 2 weeks, and took him home when he was
Many people buy bulldogs for the look without properly researching what goes into their care. This can lead to unhappiness on both ends. Bulldogs are a lot of work, and end up in the vet's more than other breeds due to their unique
I have had surgery for cherry eye (most bulldogs will need this)and for a torn acl in his back leg. Many tests and more were required for both, including an MRI. Many bullies will require extra care such as this for joints, breathing issues and
In addtion, bulldogs need special attention during extreme hot or cold weather, as short-nosed dogs can't effectively cool or warm the air with their
BUlldogs are wonderful, but a lot of work and money, and one should never go into sourmug ownership unprepared for the work and expense!

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