Are you a Chow Chow person?

Find out if this loyal dog breed is for you.

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Lets take each question one at a time.

1. Having time for a dog does not mean that you cannot work and own a dog. Your pet will need quality time, though, just like a child needs it. He must be fed two times a day and exercised several times a day. He needs to be cared for, and he may even like to go for rides in the car with you. You must work with him to have an obedient dog who has good manners. It is very important to socialize your Chow, and this will take time and patience. Your dog should have at least two good outings a day, and that means a walk or a good romp in the morning and the evening. You need to make time to take your Chow out and about; this means taking him shopping, visiting the park, walking down Main Street, etc. He needs to see people and to be seen! On that note, however, never let him out loose to run the neighborhood.

2. If you have a fenced property, you should have enough space to throw a ball and for your dog to run with it...if he chooses! Remember, it is your responsibility to keep the yard clean of feces, for the sake of cleanliness for the dog and your family members. When walking your dog, it is essential to carry a plastic bag or two to pick up droppings. These can be easily dropped in a handy trash receptacle on your way home. In many towns, this is the law.

3. Having owned a dog previously will give you a good idea of what a dog expects from you and what you must do for your dog. But do bear in mind that what the Chow expects from you will be unlike that of dogs of other breeds. You must understand the personality and disposition of the Chow in order to do him justice and to have a good pet for the family. The Chow is smart and needs an owner who is equally as smart as, or smarter than, he is!

4. Do not expect the Chow to lie on your lap for the evening. He may like to spend time in his own way, probably lying near you, but he likely won't fawn over you as some breeds will. He does thrive on human companionshipbut on occasion he may become so happy with his family that he is not well socialized with other individuals. You must guard against this with the Chow and not let him become an anti-social animal. Also, do not purchase the Chow if you are looking for a breed to roughhouse with your children. The Chow will not tolerate that kind of behavior.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

7/2/2010 4:15:49 AM

thanks for the information

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janet   bethlehem, PA

6/23/2009 4:28:03 AM

good article thanks

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